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Let's SHINE together!

2023 is the perfect time to focus on your own personal WELLNESS all for a great cause.

At Make a Miracle, we believe that Wellness begins with Education.  Join our 48 day challenge to live your best life. 

Registration is absolutely free!  Earn prizes by fundraising for our amazing cause.  You can even win an all inclusive trip to Peru with Make a Miracle!
You decide what your challenge will be: Fitness, Nutrition, Mental Health. Accountability is the key to success!
Adopting a healthy behavior for 48 days will put you well on your way to developing a lasting habit.

You choose your own challenge!


Here are some ideas:

Fitness: Track #, miles or minutes per day or week

  • Walk, Run, Hike, Swim, Rowing, Steps, Planking, Burpees
  • Todd’s 4X4X48 Challenge
  • Train for a 5k, 10k, half or full marathon


Nutrition: Eliminate (or reduce) something from your diet

  • Soda, sweets, alcohol, fried food, fast food

    Or add something to your diet (ounces, number of servings)

  • Water, fruit and vegetable intake, fiber, fermented foods


Mental Health: Track minutes per day or week

  • Yoga, journaling, reading, meditating, reading the bible or devotional, crocheting or knitting

    Or eliminate something

  • Social Media, Netflix, the news, smoking


Download our printable calendar here to track your progress.  Or take a screen shot to use digitally.

Fundraising is easy! Share your own personal link, or use Facebook.  Win fun prizes the more you raise!
$100 Trucker Hat
$200 T-Shirt & Trucker Hat
$500 Hoodie & T-Shirt & Trucker Hat
$4,000 All prizes and a Service Trip to Peru with Make a Miracle
All donations go to support education, housing and wellness in Peru. More info at
Tag Make a Miracle on social media during your quest for wellness!
Use the  hashtag #48daystowellness 
Together we can do this!  Let's go!
Q: What is 48 Days to Wellness?
A: 48 Days to Wellness is an all encompassing personal wellness journey that culminates in a challenge of the participant’s choice. It also serves to support Make a Miracle. 

Q: What is Make a Miracle?
A: Make a Miracle was founded by Carolyn and Jack Canouse in 2015 and is a 501(c)3 organization that supports education, housing, wellness and community projects in the most impoverished area of Lima, Peru.  For more information on our outreach, visit

Q: When does the challenge start?
A: The training period starts on January 15, 2023. Each participant has 48 days to embark upon their own personal wellness journey.

Q: When does the challenge end?
A: 48 days after January 15.  Each participant is encouraged to wrap up their 48 Days to Wellness by completing a challenge of their choice. This will occur anytime on the weekend of March 3-5, 2023. 

Q: What is the cost of the challenge?
A: Registration is absolutely free! We encourage you to fundraise on our platform and you can earn all kinds of fun swag.  Register here.

Q: Why 48 days?
A: The idea stemmed from David Goggins’ 4x4x48 challenge. If you are a runner you may consider it! For more info, click here: By adopting a healthy behavior for 48 days will put you well on your way to developing a lasting habit.

Q: How can I get involved?
A: There are two ways…
Become a participant. You will sign up and have 48 days to train for a challenge of your choice. Over the course of 48 days, you will also be able to raise funds that go towards promoting wellness for the communities that Make a Miracle supports. We suggest asking for $1/day.
You can fundraise for a participant. If you wish to support a challenger, you have the option of donating to someone’s individual fundraising efforts. 

Q: Do I have to run to participate in the actual challenge?
A: No! The purpose of the challenge is for each participant to identify a modality of wellness that they would like to use 48 days to grow. We have a list of challenge ideas above, but you can also come up with your own custom idea.

Q: Are there prizes for the challenge?
A: Yes, there are prizes for fundraising for Make a Miracle, see above.

Q: What is the fundraising supporting?
A: All donations will be used to promote education, housing and wellness in the most impoverished communities in Peru.  This includes vet clinics, dental clinics, health screenings, personal and group counseling and more.

Q: Should I involve my family and friends in this challenge?
A: Absolutely! Finding wellness is a community effort and you should incorporate friends and family to help you during the 48 days. 
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