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Peruvian Cuisine Makes It's Way to the World's Top 5

June 6, 2015 AFP Modified


With its cosmopolitan flavors and rich palette of ingredients, Peruvian cuisine has surged onto the global food scene in recent years, consecrated this week with Lima restaurant Central's breakthrough into the world top five.

The creation of chef Virgilio Martinez, the restaurant took fourth place in the World's 50 Best Restaurant awards in London, the highest ranking ever for a Peruvian establishment.
It was a big night for Latin American restaurants in general, which have been turning heads on the global food scene in recent years.


The Power of Hope is Real

Nicholas Kristof May 21, 2015 NY Times


An awkward truth for bleeding hearts like myself is that there has never been much rigorous evidence that outside aid can sustainably lift people out of poverty.

Sure, evidence is overwhelming that aid can overcome disease, boost literacy and save lives. But raising incomes is trickier — and the evidence in that arena has been squishier.

Now that’s changing.

Why Lima is the World's Best Food City, by the Numbers

Howard Chua-Eoan, March 2, 2017, Bloomberg


Fans of Peruvian food like to tell this story: George Auguste Escoffier, the chef who wrote the rules of contemporary French cooking, once decided to rank the world's top cuisines. In his eyes, the best was, of course, French, followed by Chinese, and, in third place, Peruvian. Italian? Spanish? Not even mentioned. While Escoffier may or may not have created this ranking, it's a prophecy fulfilled: Lima, the capital of Peru, is currently the best place in the universe to get a sampling of the highest-ranking restaurant cooking.

The proof is mathematical, if you use the World’s 50 Best Restaurants as a guide. No city on its list has more than three restaurants in the top 50. The four that pose a triple treat are New York, London, Mexico City, and Lima.

Create your own Miracles

Michael C Rann and Elizabeth Rann Arrott


"Are there really miracles?" Yes, of course, there are. All of us have heard of miracles in the form of physical healings that cannot be explained by medical science. There are also miracles when the perfect solution presents itself at just the right time. There are miracles when some action taken by a person puts him or her in just the right place and results in a greater good than ever seemed possible. There are miracles in finding the perfect job, the perfect mate, and/or money when it's most needed.

Be Generous: It's a simple way to stay healthier

Terri Yablonsky Stat  August 6, 2015  Chicago Tribune


If there's a magic pill for happiness and longevity, we may have found it.

Countless studies have found that generosity, both volunteering and charitable donations, benefits young and old physically and psychologically.

The benefits of giving are significant, according to those studies: lower blood pressure, lower risk of dementia, less anxiety and depression, reduced cardiovascular risk, and overall greater happiness.

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