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Love is the Answer, Make a Miracle is born.

Make a Miracle 2015

In February 2015, Make a Miracle was born. It was birthed from a desire to DO MORE. To help more than just an few people.

Judy, Jack and I were a mission trip of three. The three musketeers. We spent a lot of time just loving on the kids from Pat's Place Women's Shelter. These kids and their moms are our second family, our Peruvian family. We want to help lift them out of the life of darkness and abuse, and the best way we know how is to spread our love and God's love everywhere we go.

After a wonderful time spent with the women and children of Pat's Place, we visited some American friends doing mission work in Lima. Chris and Ellyn Hunt, who founded the Lily and the Sparrow, hosted us in their apartment with friends from their house church. It is there that we got confirmation that we were meant to grow our mission. God was urging us to start Make a Miracle. From there it has blossomed into this: We believe in Miracles. We believe education, small business start ups and housing are the keys to change.

This is how it all began.



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