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The evolution of bold.

Basilia 2011

Basilia 2015
Basilia's parents

Meet Basilia. Basilia was born into a poor family of eleven children in the mountains of Peru. Her parents were so poor that they brought her and some of her siblings to a girl's home (Hope House) in the district of Lima in the hope of a better future. I met her when she was about to turn 18, the age when you were forced to leave the Hope House. Joy and Don Norris, American missionaries living in Peru at the time and were bold in asking short term missionaries to help this young woman do better in life. They asked if we would pay for her college. We were bold in saying we would. (you could say this was the very moment that sparked Make a Miracle).

Four years later this young woman is the image of confidence. These years were not easy years. They had many many challenges. We supported and encouraged her via facebook and email all the way. Basilia is set to graduate in February 2016 with a degree in Physiotherapy. She is not only the first to attend college from her famiy, but the first to finish high school. We had the pleasure of meeting much of Basilia's family this fall, including her traditional Peruvian parents pictured here. Their home and crops were washed away 6 months ago by floods and they were forced out of their beloved mountains. They are adjusting nicely to city life in Lima, and seem so happy to be reunited with their children. While eating a fantastic meal at their house, her father profusely thanked us for our support for Basiia...then boldly asked for support for his next in line...Fanny. Fanny wants to study International Business. There was no choice to make. We didn't have to think about it. We boldly said yes.

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