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Make a Miracle builds a house

Marisol, Jairo

Jack and I met Jairo & Emanuel and their mother Marisol in 2014 on a trip to Peru. They were living in Pat's Place Women's Shelter, and like most of the families there, had fled an abusive situation. The kids were adorable, and I will never forget that when we said we had to go back to the US, Emanuel, the younger boy, went and got his hat and backpack because he thought he was coming with us (and his beloved Papa Jack). We have watched these boys grow up, and go from scared, timid kids to confident, happy young men. When it was time for them to transition from the women's shelter we offered to help. Marisol's mother had gotten a small plot of land donated (because of her situation) from the town manager where her other daughter lived. They cleared the land (not an easy task being that it's way up on one of the mountains!) and Make a Miracle paid for a prefabricated home to be built on it.

In November this year Judy and I were able to visit this home. The family is living in their castle.

Marisol's sister lives a few houses away. Her mother stays with them to watch the boys when she is at work. They have a pet parrot who says "HOLA". They have electricity, windows that open and lock, furniture and even spiderman bedspreads. They like living high up in the mountain (even though they have to walk up the steep steps) because they feel close to Jesus.

Make a Miracle has told these kids to study hard because we are going to make sure they are able to go to college. Emanuel is practicing English (mostly numbers for now) so he can visit us in the US, and Jairo gets perfect grades and wants to be a Karate teacher. I suggested he become a doctor but we will see how that goes! For now Life is Good on the mountain :)

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