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Make a Miracle believes in relationships.

Meet the Otera Family. They have a small block house in what they call the "barrio"...we would call that the "hood". This home is about 300 square feet, with this small kitchen you see here, one bedroom, and one bathroom with no running water. Do not feel sorry for them. This house is filled with about 10,000 square feet of love. To quote Mr. Otera "Our house might be small but our love is huge." We had a wonderful meal in their house, with tears of thanks, followed by singing and dancing around the table.

Make a Miracle sponsored the Oteras small business this year. They love to cook, and are currently making food for neighbors and people and the nearby market. Their short term goal is to open a small restuarant at the busy market close to them. Long term? After eating a wonderful meal in their home we believe the sky is the limit!

The great thing about facebook is how it can bring you closer to people thousands of miles away. This week Judy and I were tagged in this wonderful post from Tabita Otera:

Son mis personas favoritas no importa idioma, país, color, raza, etc importa el amor que nos tenemos y sobre todo el amor de nuestro padre Dios que nos une los amo!

These are my favorite people no matter what language they speak, what country they are from, their color , their race, etc. What matters is our love and we all love our father God that unites us all in love together!

And from her sister Ligia: They are always present in my heart , I never forget this fantastic day with my jubilee heart emoticon dancing and two wonderful women of God who are in my heart and I love my family so much ... Carolyn Howard Canouse Judy Davis God bless you!

These relationships are so important and precious to me. The Oteras are forever a part of the Make a Miracle family :)



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