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Causa Limeña


This is a unique Peruvian potato starter compliments of Rosario Caceres, better known as "Mama Charo." If you don't have the time to make individual servings, you can layer the ingredients in a casserole dish and serve like you would lasagne. Give it a try this week!

2 ½ pounds gold potatos

1/4-1/2 cup vegetable oil

1 tsp of crushed yellow aji peppers (at latin grocery stores, or sub hot sauce)

1/4 cup lime juice

½ tsp each of salt and pepper

10 black olives, sliced thinly

2 hard boiled eggs, sliced thinly

½ avocado, sliced thinly

½ small onion, sliced thinly


Boil peeled potatoes then mash making sure there are no lumps.

Add ¼ cup of oil and mix well. Add lime juice, salt, pepper and ground ajis.

Once potatoes are cool and manageable, make them into a shape such as square, rectangle, or circle, about 1” thick. You may have to add more oil to get the right consistency.

To make it easier you can spread the potatoes out on a flat surface to thickness you like and use a cup to cut out the shapes.

Cover the middle with chopped or sliced egg, avocado, onion and olives. Give them flavor by sprinkling with salt, lime juice, and olive oil. Put a second layer of potatoes on top.

Garnish with a lettuce leaf and decorate by drizzling with mayo and topping with olives, eggs etc. Serve cold. Serves 4.

You can also make with chicken, shrimp or tuna salad.



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