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Spicy Rocoto Pepper Sauce


One of the biggest treats of a mission trip to Pat's Place in Peru is the amazing rocoto sauce or "ají" Laura makes us by hand. Here is her secret recipe!


4 small red onions

6 rocoto peppers (spicy red)

2 cloves garlic

salt (if desired)


Sauté onions until slightly brown, add hot peppers and garlic and sauté until soft. Put in blender and purée. You can eat this sauce with everything!

Side Note from

Try to find Rocoto Peppers frozen whole, in jars, or in a paste form in US supermarkets (brands: Goyam, Peru Food and Ica's Food). If the recipe calls for whole and you only have paste substitute a small red bell pepper and one tablespoon paste. Otherwise, if you cant find Rocoto in any form, you can match the heat, at least, by substituting twice the weight in Serrano, equal weight to Tabasco, Cayenne or De Arbol, half the weight in Thai Chili, and 1/10th the weight in Habaranero or Scotch Bonnet.

Recipe by: Laura Ali



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