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"Try to blend" we laughingly whispered. Yeah right! When 6 Americans go to San Juan de Lurigancho for a week it is impossible not to cause a scene! Our matching Miracle shirts, our terrible spanish, our seemingly enormous height...all of it made for quite a spectacle last month! We got a lot of stares and heard the word gringo whispered constantly.

When we ran into a friend living there she didn't look surprised at all to see us. This is because she had been texted TWICE that day..."the gringos are in the Metro (grocery store)!" and "the gringos are on the train!" She had the play by play and knew exactly where we were! This realization caused us to really "own it" as they say. We posted pictures daily entitled #6GringosinPeru. When on the bus we would obnoxiously yell "6 Gringos on the bus!" Actually we did this everywhere we went and it made for so many laughs which I am sure caused an even bigger scene! The important thing is everyone knew we were there to help their people. We were there as part of Make a Miracle. The parade of gringos were welcomed everywhere we went...I have never been prouder to be a gringo!



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