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How can $200 amount to hope?

Last year Make a Miracle helped Nereyda (pictured left above) start a small business in her Peruvian community named "Paradise." We gave her some money along with a business mentor and she opened a small shop that sells school supplies & gifts. She is a proud woman who insisted on repaying the money little by little, which of course I agreed to. I met with her this week to talk with her and receive the $200 she has already saved up from her profits. This was a proud moment for both of us. She was choked up when thanked Make a Miracle for the chance at a better life.

REWIND to a week before when I got a request from one of our trusted partners: "Yakeline (pictured above right) is a mom of three (pictured above middle) and the dad is around but not always faithful with work and so Yakeline wants to be able to sell hamburgers and other food items to support her three daughters Yasumile, Ceilo and Sayuri. She needs to buy a propane tank and food to get started along with some equipment." I told Nereyda this story and took great pleasure in telling her that the amount needed for the business was EXACTLY $200. Nereyda was thrilled to be making this miracle for Yakeline. How far has she come in only 6 months!

My daughter Rachel and I were honored to be able to share with Yakeline that we will be helping her start her business. The look in her eyes full of hope and tears was priceless. How could a mere $200 be so life changing for one desperate family? I learned that they do not have enough money for food, medicine for the baby who had an infection and lacked the $3 needed for the test to get one of the girls in school. We gave her $8 to cover the test and medicine and the $200 to her mentor to begin this new endeavor. This is a cycle I pray will continue. As people are blessed with miracles they will pay it forward and help others.

"Happiness consists in the giving and serving of others."

I love miracles. They are my favorite thing.

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