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Chicken Ginger Soup

This is a super simple recipe from Sara Delgado, who, along with her husband, runs the Awana clubs in Peru. For more flavor use chicken broth. I used way too many noodles when I tested it so cut back on that. Your kids will love this! Soup with both potatoes AND noodles!


1 ½ lb Chicken, cut in small pieces

1-2 Tlbs finely chopped fresh Ginger

1 cup noodles

3 small potatoes

1 Green Onion, slices

1 lemon

2 Tlbs Salt (less if you use broth)

PREPARATION Boil chicken in a pot of water (water should cover chicken by 3 inches, or use chicken broth for more flavor). Simmer 10 minutes, then add the potato, ginger, juice of 1 lemon, green onion and salt to taste. Simmer another 10 minutes, then add noodles. Simmer until noodles are cooked. Add more water if needed. Garnish with more green onion.