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Tears of joy...Alicia from her mentor's eyes

I would love to tell you a story about a girl that has overcome incredible odds in her life. At 13 years old, Alicia lost her mom suddenly because of a car accident which left her lost and afraid. She was raised by her father and two older sisters who were just teenagers themselves. Alicia moved to Lima from the mountains of Peru to in hopes of more opportunities. Alicia had no idea what God had in store for her. She lives in a small room with her older sister who is expecting a new baby and her 5 year old nephew. The family of 3 share a room that is large enough to hold a set of bunk beds for them to sleep in and a small cooking area. Alicia’s circumstances have never kept her down and the Lord did open a door for her to pursue her dreams. Attending church, she made an amazing friend named Lady, who connected her with Make a Miracle. One of Alicia’s dreams was to study psychology and to make a difference in the lives of children and teenagers who have stories similar as hers, but with the lack of finances that was not a possibility for her. When her friend Lady connected her to Make a Miracle, that all changed. Make a Miracle took a leap of faith by accepting her application without a sponsor on hand to begin her studies.

For the past several months Alicia has faithfully studied and has just entered into her 2nd cycle or semester. This is not a story I just heard her miracle mentor it’s a story I see Alicia walk out almost daily. She is so faithful to contact me to come to my home and to utilize the Wi-Fi and quiet here to focus on her studies. As I watched her today my eyes filled with tears because of the dedication and hard work I see her pour into what she loves so much. How could someone not know about the seed of faith they could be sowing into her life? What a gift it would be in the loss of her mother for her to know there is an American family who believes in her and wants to see her through this time in her life. Not only sowing in financial support but also praying for her, encouraging her, reminding her she is not forgotten and that God is more than able! Though Make a Miracle has taken the leap of faith and sees that she studies monthly, what a gift it would be for this girl to have a family from the states that stands beside her as well. Would you pray about being the difference in Alicia’s life? Sowing a seed into the life of Alicia is sowing a seed into the future of many children here in Peru that will be blessed by what she can and does offer them!

**You can be Alicia's sponsor for $99 per month. Email and change a life forever!



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