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Our 20+ scholarship students make up a team of youths that are changing the world. Before they received their scholarships from Make a Miracle, that had so much potential but scarcely any opportunities. They yearned for a way to help their families. Some were depressed. Others worked long hours in low paying jobs they could never advance in. There was little chance they would ever become a professional. Fast forward to today...these young people are setting the world on fire! Not only are they all pursuing their dreams of higher education, but they are also making Peru a better place. They have banded together and now call each other family, lifting each other up every day. On the weekends they can be found giving back in many ways...home building, working with children, passing out Christmas gifts. Make a Miracle believes education is power. Education brings about lasting change. In 2017 FOUR of our students graduated! We added THIRTEEN new students to the program. Each of them receives tuition, bus fare if needed, books, uniforms and meets regularly with a mentor. They have access to a computer lab and tutoring in our Miracle Study Center. These kids are making the most of their opportunity and not looking back! We could not do this without our wonderful donors. Donate to Make a Miracle today so we can say yes to more students. All donations made to our General Scholarship Fund before midnight on December 31st will be DOUBLED (excludes sponsorship payments). You can make a miracle today!

We wish you a Happy New Year!


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