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For the first time, Make a Miracle had an all men's team travel to Peru. To be honest this gave me a lot of stress. I won't be there...who would get them breakfast in the morning? Who would tell them what Miracle t-shirt to wear? Who would hold the keys to Casa Pat? Who would make sure the lights were turned off when they left? I am not really a control freak but these are just some of the things I do on our Team trips. They couldn't possibly do it without me, right?

As I sent them off to the airport together, it reminded me of dropping kids off a camp...make sure you brush your teeth! don't lose your camera! make sure you wash your hair! These guys seemed so thrilled to be on their own with no wife or anyone to tell them what to do. Freedom! They had 3 short days to make some miracles, and to my surprise they not only survived without me but they THRIVED and impacted SO MANY LIVES! In those days they bonded with at risk youth, built a home, dug rocks out and built a community center for Make a Miracle, hosted a workshop called Heart of a Father that spoke to everyone in the room...and so much more.

Here is a quote from one of the men:

"My goal to come to Peru was to build a Home and Community Center and just try give back a little of what I could. These plans were quickly hijacked and replaced with a overwhelmed heart and an outpouring of love by the beautiful women of Peru and adorable, priceless children that I was surrounded by."

The pictures don't do it justice but I posted some pictures to kind of give you an idea :)

Thank you #menonamission! I will let you go back unsupervised ANYTIME!

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