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Boots & Bubbly

What a huge success! We raised $55,000! Every dollar will go towards changing lives in Peru.

These funds will enable us to

- Build at least 10 homes

- Fund scholarships for at least 25 students, for the entire year

- Build a Make a Miracle community center in Juan Pablo

- Fund community projects to enhance safety and wellness

- Continue growing our Star Kids program

Thank you to our sponsors, friends, family, and everyone who helped Make Miracles for Peru.

The night was full of giving and drinking. Stars and Strikes generously donated the amazing food and drinks. A big thank you to Kip & Nick for the amazing curated cuisine and providing cowboys loaded with margaritas in their holsters. Kudos to Gemma for providing the jugglers, line dancing coach, champagne table, and the casino games. Shout out to DJ Jut for donating his time and tunes.

Hope we to see everyone at the next one.


Make a Miracle

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