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Miracles come in all shapes & sizes

Our scholarship students are amazing! Here is a brief story about one of our graduates, Kathy, who is now a dentist.

When our June team was in Peru, we had a Peruvian couple working with us on a house build. Everyone noticed how hard they worked, and unlike us, they really knew what they were doing. They were with us every day that we built, and wanted nothing in return. Who were these mystery volunteers? They are the parents of two of our amazing scholarship students....paying it forward. On the last day, I asked how the girls were doing. The mom told me that the younger of the two students, Rocio, was in a lot of pain because of her teeth. They had an appointment that afternoon with a dentist, and her mom was very worried about the cost. I told her to cancel the appointment, and I immediately messaged "Kathy the dentist" as I like to call her. Kathy is an incredible woman with a huge heart. Two years ago Kathy was most of the way through dental school, and ran out of funds. Make a Miracle was able to help her financially so she could finish school and get her title. I am so proud of Kathy, and her motivation to make a better life for her family.

So here is what happened. Rocio went to Kathy's home office and got the wisdom teeth that were bothering her removed, free of charge. Kathy had been having an issue with some wiring in her office that was tangled and needed to be fixed. Rocio's mom noticed it, and offered for her husband to fix it, free of charge of course. This may not seem like a big deal to you, but miracles come in all shapes and sizes. Kathy is just starting out in her career and didn't have extra money to pay an electrician to come out. This seemingly small act of kindness, meant the world to her! As far as the removal of the wisdom teeth, Rocio's mom told me she would never stop crying tears of happiness because of this. Never underestimate the effect a small act of kindness can have.

"I am part of the ripple effect. I always hear people say 'I can't make a difference, I am just one person. I don't have the resources etc.' Realize that even the smallest act of kindness creates a ripple effect. If every ONE person did one small thing we would be a very different world." author unknown

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