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Meet Our 6 New Students

All of us at Make a Miracle are so excited to share that we have SIX NEW STUDENTS who will be continuing their education!

Jerson, (top left) will be studying Law, and Jhonathan (top right) will be studying to be a Surgical Dentist. Tatiana, pictured above middle, will be studying Obstetrics. Rocio will be studying Architecture, Samuel starts his journey to be a Lawyer, and Lady is going to study Hospitality and Tourism. I personally had the pleasure of interviewing each of them, and they are all amazing youths who have bright futures ahead of them.

Jhonathan's Story

You would never know by looking at this handsome young man with the beautiful smile that he has a past full of trials. He and his brother Anderson have worked when they can to help support their single mother. Jhonathan's sister Nancy is one of our scholarship students, and recommended him to Make a Miracle.

In June we awarded him a scholarship to study dentistry. He told us he wants to help people by giving them a beautiful and confident smile. This is an amazing young man with a huge heart! Jhonathan was so thankful to Make a Miracle, he gave me a little white bunny as a gift (BEST PRESENT EVER!) His whole family also gave me a box of small gifts and notes from the heart.

His 10 year old sister, Kattarine, wrote me a letter (pictured above), and shared that they were being kicked out of their rental apartment and had nowhere to go. She said they have a piece of land and asked if we could build her family a home. Her directness and honesty tugged at my heart. A few weeks later, Team Miracle made Kattarine's wish come true. We built the family a cozy home of their own, and they won't have to worry about having to live on the streets. I can't wait to visit them in October to see them and check on my bunny, Mr Gringo!

These students are extremely hard working and dedicated. With your help, they've been given an opportunity to continue their education that will better their lives and their families! Thank you.

-Carolyn Canouse

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