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A student meets his sponsor

Surprise! One minute you are eating dinner at Stars and Strikes and the next you are face to face with your sponsor...your hero...your Godmother. The hugs and tears were priceless!

Backing up: Carmen has been sponsoring Jasson's college education for almost a year, and generously paid for his Visa application to come to the states. It is extremely difficult for Peruvians to get a Visa, but Jasson was approved! A few weeks later he arrived for a whirlwind 2 1/2 week tour of the south.

It was really cool to see Carmen and Jasson met up the first time... all of us were surprised to find ourselves at the same place at the same time. They had two other opportunities to spend time together during Jasson’s visit to the states. He was giddy every time he was around her, like a kid on Christmas. He was just shocked to find out Carmen was in the same field he is studying...Computer Science. Carmen told me, "I knew you gave me a nice guy, but I had no idea you gave me an ANGEL."

It’s so hard to describe the relationship between any sponsor and their kids. Every sponsors assures me THEIR student is the BEST. The SMARTEST. The SWEETEST. This is such a rewarding part of my job.

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