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As a teenager, Basilia lived at the Hope House Girl’s Home with her sisters. She was sad, timid and unsure of herself, yet was considered very smart and a leader at the house.

Basilia had a dream to be able to support her younger sisters while also helping others. She dreamed of setting a good example by going to school and becoming a Physiotherapist. Unfortunately, living in San Juan de Lurigancho, the poorest district of Lima, her life after high school was most likely to work at an unskilled job and make the miniscule wage of 380 soles per month, the average in the area, which is less than $130 US. To her, her dream was not much more than a fantasy.

Make a Miracle awarded Basilia a full scholarship to the Instituto Superior Daniel A. Carrion. Three years later, Basilia has graduated in March 2016, with a professional degree in Physiotherapy, which is in high demand. She radiates confidence, happiness and love and is ready to take on the world! Her younger sister, Fany, is now on scholarship through Make a Miracle and is studying Internationl Business!



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