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Papa a la Huancaina

Papa a la Huancaína (literally, Huancayo style potatoes) is a Peruvian appetizer of boiled yellow potatoes (similar to the Yukon Gold potatoes) in a spicy, creamy sauce called Huancaína sauce. Although the dish's name is derived from Huancayo, a city in the Peruvian highlands, this dish is from Lima - Perú.

1 package aji amarillo peppers (freezer section of latin grocery stores)

1 small red onion, chopped

5-6 cloves garlic

1 sleeve saltines crackers

1 mug half & half, warmed in microwave

2 Tlbs vegetable oil

1 Tlbs salt

1 Tlbs lime juice

Saute peppers, onion and garlic until browned. Put all ingredients in blender, and blend all ingredients well. Serve over sliced, boiled potatoes.


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