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A New Partnership: Zegel IPAE

Make a Miracle is thrilled to announce our partnership with Zegel IPAE, a 3 year institute that recently opened their branch in San Juan de Lurigancho. They have been educating students for more than 50 years, and currently have 10 locations across Peru. IPAE specializes in business degrees including Finance, Marketing, Accounting, Logistics, Small Business, Human Resources, International Business, Computer Science & Graphic Design.

After completing 3 years at IPAE, students have the option to transfer to a University for 2 more years and obtain a 5 year degree. This is an amazing option for our students for many reasons: After 3 years they may need to enter the workforce, and will have not only an institute degree but will have a career center to help them find a job. If they have the extra time, they can study 2 more years to obtain a higher level degree, for a lower cost than a 5 year University degree.

We have several of our college scholarship students studying at this state of the art college. We have met with the leaders at the school and negotiated a 20% discount for not only our students, but any of their friends or family that mentions Make a Miracle. Thank you IPAE for your generosity in helping our students reach their goals!


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