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A New Home

The above pictures are from June, 2017. Our team was painting a home across the way and this woman asked if she could have the leftover paint to paint her door. We said, "Sure! We will do it for you." 2 years later Make a Miracle received an application for a new home filled out by a neighbor of hers, Aurora, one of our scholarship students. When she got the application, Giovanna immediately recognized her from that other trip. It was so cool to spend time with this woman, Señora Basilia. She has a kind, sassy way about her. She didn't want to give up the purple door, so our team used it to line her garden. She insisted on helping us, breaking the bottle for the blessing and giving the tearful prayer to bless her own home. She asked if we could paint Make a Miracle on the front of her new home. We loved every minute of this special day with Señora Basilia. This home was built in memory of Bill Smothers. May his sweet spirit always be with her in this new home.

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