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Our Remote Year Partnership

Every month we host a group of "digital nomads" for a Positive Impact Day. These people are travelling the world together, spending a month in 12 different countries. They all have different types of careers that allow them to work remotely. Remote Year provides them with a state of the art, shared workspace, as well as an apartment in each country. On the weekends they explore the country together, and one day per month they have the option of giving back. Their goal: to leave each country better than how they found it.

The teams have names. So far we have hosted: Polaris, Uroboros, Exupery and Pachamama. We pick them up in Miraflores early in the morning, and start by introducing them to our Star Kids at our weekly meeting. They get to play with the kids, help pass out water, snacks and vitamins and join in the singing, dancing and positive affirmations. Our kids love meeting the Remote Year teams, but even more so, the teams are impacted by these amazing children. "They are so happy with so little." "Their hugs and smiles are so genuine." We have had many, many positive comments from the teams and several have provided supplies and even returned throughout the month to see them again. Our kids are inspired by the teams, who are from all over the world, not just the US. "What is it like to fly in an airplane?" "How can you work a job and travel?" "I want to be like you someday and see the world!"

After Star Kids, we all eat a delicious lunch at Mama Charo's house. (YUM) We then go to build a home for a family in need. We team up with Make a Miracle's scholarship students to carry the panels, sand and other supplies up the mountain. While some of the team puts the home together, the rest paint a home or two that we previously built. They love getting to know the families, and also spending time with our students. There is usually a little time for soccer or other games with the kids, then we dedicate and bless the home together. "I can't believe how impacted I am in only one day." "How can I sponsor a student?" "Don't change anything, your PI day is the best we have seen."

We are so thankful to have teamed up with Remote Year. These groups of 10-25 people of all ages have huge hearts for helping others. They jump right in and show love and kindness to our kids, our students, our families and even the stray animals. Thank you for your big hearts and for coming out to make a difference in San Juan de Lurigancho!

Thanks to Remote Year for pictures!

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