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Stars & Strikes goes to Peru

I just wanted to share with everybody how impactful my recent trip to San Juan de Lurigancho was. I was blessed to have with me my wife Carolyn, and my brother in law Eric (Director of Payroll at Stars and Strikes) and his mom Edith as well as my business partner's children, Lindsay and Joe Albano.

I am always amazed at how much impact a couple of people can have in just a few days. In less than one week we were able to build 5 new structures: 3 homes for some amazing families in need, a store to provide the opportunity for a family to support themselves and an office at a special needs school. One of the happiest memories was visiting our two Star Kids Clubs (sponsored by Stars & Strikes) and seeing all the beautiful smiles. We hosted a soccer tournament for each location and Joe, Eric and I took turns playing goalie. As you can imagine, a lot of goals were scored on us "gringos."

In addition to this, we spent a good amount of time with a lot of our amazing scholarship recipients, who were there every step of the way, giving back by helping us build these homes. The most exciting part was interviewing some incredible, young, deserving new students. We were able to approve 14, YES FOURTEEN, young people for a full scholarship to study and help them to achieve their dreams. Unlike the US, there are very few options that are accessible to underprivileged youths who want to study in college. Without the ability to continue their education and get a degree, these talented, young adults would never have the opportunity to improve their lives. Receiving this scholarship is truly life changing for each and every one.

We would not be able to do half of what we do without Stars and Strikes and our network of supporters. Thank you to our corporate partners: Betson, Capital City Mechanical, Tiernan & Patrylo, RDC Bumper Cars, ADP, Brunswick Bowling Products, Schoox, Appleby & Lacetti, Advanced Embroidery, Brown & Brown of SC, Marsh & McLennan, and LaserTRON. Let's keep making miracles together in Peru!

Jack Canouse

Co-founder of Make a Miracle

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