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A day outside of San Juan de Lurigancho

On August 1, 2019 Make a Miracle's scholarship students left at 4am for the province of Huarochirí. It was very early to get up, and many of the students had to sleep at Casa Milagro, our study center, because they live far away. The excitement of reaching our destination was felt as soon as our bus arrived.

Inside the bus, our guide Andrés gave us directions to be prepared for our tour in Huarochirí. At 6:40 in the morning we arrived in Matucana, the capital of the province of Huarochirí. We enjoyed the square, which was a very small, but cozy place. There are the railroads that are used for the mines as well, but we didn't take long inside the square, because the best was at a higher altitude.


Our next point was San Mateo, where we found a beautiful church. A house full of colors that had as a source of water, a stream that ended up coming out of the mouth of an ornament, a bull. We left San Mateo, and finally reached the snowy mountain, but many of the students experienced altitude sickness so they did not want to get off the bus, but still nothing could prevent them from seeing how astonishing this creation of God is. After seeing the snow, we went down a little to visit the huge lagoons, which have many myths about them, such as; The submerged city, where the inhabitants of the area hear voices at night.

At our next stop, we did something curious, which is known as the payment to the land or Pachamamá. It was very interesting to learn the customs and traditions that still remain. Even through the evolution of the cities, part of the Inca culture is still preserved. It was time for lunch, and the menu of the day was trout, since next to the restaurant there was a trout farm.

As we were going down, and getting closer to Lima, we went through a small group of merchants where they sold white delicacies, cheese, bread, absolutely natural yogurt. After making some small quick purchases we got on the bus to Lima.

My body was able to breathe a purer air. I learned more about my culture. And above all I saw the greatness of the creation of our heavenly father. Leaving the city for one day was very relaxing, and being in nature made me feel grateful for what I have, because not even the most valuable object makes you reflect, as nature does.



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