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We Are All Children

Have you ever felt lonely? Well, that's my case. I feel lonely many times, but when I'm around these lovely children, my world changes greatly. Star Kids is one of my favorite things to do because I can play with them, sing out loud, dance. It does not matter if you don't know the children, because they make you feel like family with ease. Going there and hearing them say: "Hermano, buenos días" (Good morning, brother), it doesn't matter how I feel in that moment, they always make me smile. Due to the fact that they are still children, they sometimes are mischievous but we, as a volunteers, are there to help them behave.

Although the volunteers are adults, when we are in the playground with the Star Kids, WE ARE ALL CHILDREN. We play volleyball, football or jump rope, and it feels amazing. After we play with them, we learn more about God, who loves us so much. If you don't have a brother or a sister, there you have about 50 siblings. Some of them may not have a brother or a sister either, so love them all and help them as you were a older brother or sister.

Star Kids Club

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