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a special day for rose

A quinceañera is a magical day for a young woman and her family. It is a special party filled with Hispanic traditions, which signifies a coming of age for a girl as she turns 15. Roussell, or Rose as we call her, never let herself think about this. Given that she and her family live in a shelter for abused women and children, a fancy party didn’t seem possible. Make a Miracle believes that the children who live at Pat’s Place deserve nothing but the best. They are well taken care of and thriving in their group home, but because of what they have been through, we feel called to give them the moon and the stars as well. It was an absolute joy for our December team to fund Rose’s party. We all enjoyed a night under the stars and lights with all the traditions of a quinceanera. We ate, danced and took pictures together. Rose danced with each male at the party, including the youngest of residents at Pat’s Place. When Rose spoke, she said this night was a dream come true. Her mom expressed her gratitude in beautiful speech, which brought tears to our eyes. Rose said her favorite part of the night was coming down the stairs for all to see her in her beautiful gown. She looked like a true princess...kind, beautiful, confident.



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