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Beautiful San Antonio de Padua

by Rachel Canouse

One of our core beliefs at Make a Miracle is the importance of Community Wellness. We truly believe that everything from the well-being of pets, to education, to the living conditions of each individual in the community will affect wellness as a whole. One thing that can affect community wellness is the physical state of the community. If there is trash thrown on the streets, then people will continue to throw trash on the ground and litter. However, if the streets of the community are kept clean and filled with some greenery, then people will think twice about where they throw their trash. It not only looks better, but it creates a healthier environment.

This past fall, one of our scholarship students, Miguel, approached us with a fascinating project: a car tire that he had decorated and painted to be used as a planter. He said we could use it in our own garden outside of our newly built Miracle Wellness Center in San Antonio de Padua. We loved the idea of planting a garden, but we also loved the idea of recycling old tires in the process. We asked all of our college students to participate by finding old tires and painting them on their own and our little garden ended up looking great!

This project was so inspiring that we decided to take it a step further. We found old, wooden pallets and panels and built a fence around the garden to protect the plants. It’s incredible to see what can be done with discarded items. We also provided the community with an opportunity to have their own garden. We gifted 100 fruit trees to the families in San Antonio de Padua not only to make the community a bit greener but also to provide them with another access to food. The residents were thrilled with their plants and the beauty this project brought to their neighborhood. We are so excited to continue this project and see the positive impact that it will have on the community for the years to come!

Rachel Canouse is Make a Miracle's Director of Program Development and Global Relations and has lived in San Juan de Lurigancho for more than 4 years.


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