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building Miracles

By: Sebastian Guevara

At this kind of moment is when I can really feel the teamwork. I see how all the volunteers and students work and feel completely happy because of it.

To explain it better: Make a Miracle builds houses for people who really need it. We get together as a team and we divide ourselves in groups of 4 or 5 (it depends on how many people are in the building), the way I like to divide each other is by sizes. The tallest are together in one small team, for example.

So before we start, Make A Miracle gives us food. They take care of us because we are all a family. Mamá Charo makes the best dishes for us! And I would like to repeat that because, believe me, they are very tasty! She is a brave woman who knows the value of a family and she treats us as her kids. I love Mamá Charo, she is a very simple but strong woman with a beautiful family.

My perspective about building is that we aren’t working, we're making people feel good because of our effort. It doesn't matter if it's a super hot & sunny day, WE NEED TO DO IT because it is a very beautiful feeling working all together to make families happy. We consider ourselves part of their families once we finish it and that feeling will stay forever in our hearts. And their way to thank us is giving us water while we are building or giving us some food and that is more than enough. That's lovely! That is our goal, to make them happy forever. I hope they understand that they have us as their family now, too. God has a plan for all of us and this is one of them: Make families happy.

Sebastian is a 20 year old Make a Miracle college scholarship student. He and his family lost their home and everything they owned a few years ago. He knows more than anyone the value of a family receiving a new home.

Team Miracle takes a break from building a home. January 2020.


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