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Determination. Drive. Hope.

by Shae Williams

In the short time I have been in Peru with Make a Miracle, I have been a part of two interview processes for awarding scholarships. Each time was different with totally different students and personalities, but they all had one thing in common. They were all trying to take this new step into their lives. They all have the drive to do and be better.

In my personal experience with college in the states, I was approved for a lot of governmental help. Here in Peru they do not get that so if you can not afford college you don’t go. Some of these students juggle work, providing for their families, and going to school. Each student has the same look in their eyes. Determination. Drive. Hope.

In the most recent interview I attended I was able to experience the reaction from a mother of a student who was approved. After crying herself, she called her mom and put her on speaker to tell her the good news. All the mother could do was sob and say “thank you.” She thanked us for the amazing door they were opening for her daughter. Said she was so happy that her daughter no longer had to stress and worry about paying for school and caring for the house and her younger sister. Hearing her and her mom cry together and be so grateful made me cry. It was an amazing experience to see how much a scholarship really means to them.

Being a part of giving these amazing young people hope is the best thing possible. It isn’t just hope for education, it is hope for their lives. It is hope for their families. Hope for success. Seeing the happiness and excitement each student has when being approved is the best thing in the world.

For you sponsors out there: to be the ones that are helping this wondrous change means you are helping young adults to have successful lives. You are helping them create a bright and promising future for not only themselves, but their families too. You are changing lives, communities, and families. To say you are helping them get an education would be a harsh understatement because you are helping with so much more. Thank you for all you do!

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Shae is a 20 year old humanitarian working full time with Make a Miracle in San Juan de Lurigancho, Peru. She is a Medical Assistant and looks forward to using the skills she learned in college at our Wellness Center.

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