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Donors Fund 24 homes in minutes: Team Builds 5 in 5 days just 1 Week Later

by Shae Williams

Make a Miracle’s Spring Gala raised a record-breaking $198,000, including 24 new homes being funded in addition to our goal of 30 homes in 2022. Hear directly from Shae Williams, our boots on the ground, what this meant for our team in San Juan de Lurigancho, Peru.

The last 5 days have been crazy busy for the Make a Miracle team. We have built 5 homes in 5 days!!

This is all thanks to you guys, our donors, who are making it possible. Our Director of Operations, Giovanna, received the phenomenal news about the Island Nights gala and jumped into action. She is totally unstoppable. We got started the day after the big event (a Sunday, typically her only day off) with visiting houses/families who had applied for a home, some who have been waiting for more than a year. Only one week later, we started with the amazing builds. Here we are, 5 days later and we have 5 new homes.

When Giovanna heard the news about all the donations for more homes this year, she knew it was answered prayers for families in need. 24 additional families will have their lives completely changed. Already 5 families, including 14 beautiful children, have been helped in only 5 days.

What does it mean to change lives? These donations and events for Make a Miracle May just seem like something heartfelt and fun to contribute to, but it is LIFE CHANGING here in Peru.

Families we visit may have nothing and this may be their only hope. They work tirelessly to feed their children and have learned to work with what they have. The children feel like they have no opportunities knocking on their doors. They think this will be how they have to live forever. When you see your parents work so hard, but have so little to show for except staying alive, the light in your eyes starts to disappear.

When approving a family for a house you see that light reignite in their eyes. The light that seemed to be out forever. The light for new beginnings. Suddenly, the children start to see all the possible opportunities they can reach. Here’s a sneak peak into the real life stories from this week's home builds.

The five girls that once shared a very small bedroom now have their own space.

The family that lived in one small room now have space for a kitchen table.

You are changing lives. You are creating better futures for children.

The family whose house was falling apart now has new walls.

You are providing safety, security, and healthy environments.

You are helping stop the cycle of poverty.

You are the reason a single mother will get a good night's rest because she knows she can lock her doors and have a sturdy home protecting her children.

You are the reason a child has space to do their studies.

You are the reason a son doesn’t have to drop out of school to help provide for his family.

Being here and experiencing everything, seeing the effect on the families, and helping them step into their new future is the best thing in the world. To see how quickly our work is getting done is a phenomenal feeling.

Thank you so much for helping them create opportunities for their children, thank you for giving them somewhere safe to sleep, and thank you for all you continue to do for Make a Miracle.

We are so grateful for you.

Shae Williams is a full-time humanitarian in San Juan de Lurigancho and is originally from Darien, Georgia. She assists Giovanna with housing interviews as well as house builds.


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