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Give back this holiday season

Make a Miracle is ready to spread Christmas love in the communities of San Juan de Lurigancho!

Here's our plan:

  • provide new leather shoes to 400 children

  • provide Christmas gifts to 1000 children

  • provide neighborhood "Hot Chocolate" parties for 2500+ kids

  • provide Christmas parties to our 120 Star Kids, the 200 students at Los Pinos school for special needs, and the families at Pat's Place shelter for abused women & children

  • provide Surprise "Miracle Gifts" to the deserving families we serve (think stovetop, beds, food baskets)

If you would like to help, click on the donate button. Make sure you indicate how many you would like. For example: shoes are $10 each, you can pay $50 and provide 5 pairs.

Thank you for your generosity in helping make this Christmas special for so many!

Click here to donate!


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