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I See Fighters

by Carolyn Canouse

When you look at these pictures what do you see? Some cute girls posing for an Instagram photo? Random young college students taking a break for a Valentine picture? Whatever the case may be, I guarantee you don't see the same thing I see: a group of fighters. I am thrilled to announce the brand new, 2021 Make a Miracle scholarship students! These amazing young people know the true value of education and have clawed tooth and nail to get where they are today. They were saving every penny, pulling all nighters and going without basic necessities, in order to obtain their college degree. All were severely affected by the Pandemic and at risk of losing everything they've worked so hard for. Some only have a year or two left in their degree, and were running out of options.

Our 2021 scholarship winners are extremely motivated. One of the students pursuing a degree in Business said "From a very young age my parents taught me to be independent and pay for my own expenses, therefore I always had to work and study at the same time. I worked many jobs, from babysitter to street vendor and now I sell fruit on the street. My dream has always been to be able to return all the effort that my parents have had with me and my brothers."

Another student studying Physical Therapy said "My dream is to be a light in the darkness, to help people who believe they are lost, to bring hope where there was none and to help other people achieve their dreams. As my mother always says, 'the person who does not serve to help does not serve society,' so I want to be part of a change with a new mentality without barriers to develop the vocation of service in people. My desire is to become a person with principles with a heart for service while achieving financial independence to help my loved ones who supported me on the path of my education, to improve their quality of life, provide a good education for my sisters, I especially owe my mother so much."

Why do we award scholarships? Besides helping these fighters achieve their own dreams, we strive to find young people who have the motivation to use their education to make Peru a better place. For example, one of our scholarship students, a 25 year old Engineering major, told us "My goal is to be a Civil Engineer and to carry out projects for the advancement and progress of Peru by bringing development to places that are needed. Engineering projects can help people by bringing running water and sewers to their neighborhoods and through the construction of roads and sidewalks."

These young people not only fight for themselves, but also for the ones who need it most. One of the pictures above includes a beautiful young woman (one of our youngest students) who took it upon herself to support both her parents and older siblings after her dad had a severe stroke during her first semester in school. She was working 60 hours per week during the day while studying Accounting at night. She truly loved her classes, and she received the Peruvian equivalent of straight "A"s. She told us "I always had in mind that when I collect my first salary I would help a homeless person by giving him clothes, food and a home; and eventually I would love to open a center for the homeless so that they have comfort and well-being."

We could not award scholarships to these fighters without you. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, email for more information.

  • Sponsorship costs $99/month.

  • Encourage and communicate with your student through text, email or social media.

  • Zoom with a translator so you can get to know your Peruvian kid.

  • Take a trip to Peru to meet & spend time with your student.

  • Choose the length of sponsorship, ranging from 2 - 3 years with this group.

  • Sponsorships may be split with a friend or group of friends.

  • Email today for details on how to change a life!


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