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Let’s change the world together with the Star Kiddos

by Lady Caceres

I remember back in 2017 when the Make a Miracle family chose me to be the leader of our new Star Kids Club. In the beginning, I was nervous because even though I love children, I didn’t have much experience with them. However, Mama Carolyn, Rachel and my sister Giovanna encouraged me and helped me to lose that nervousness and to believe in myself.

The day I arrived, my life changed radically. The first Saturday with the kids was magical. 80 kids showed up, and I couldn’t believe it, but I knew it was something God had planned. That very first day those children became my “kiddos.” I felt like the happiest girl in the universe.

As I began to get to know each kid individually, I found out that they came from other communities to spend time with us, play, learn about God, and feel loved. Many of them walked from other communities that were far away. When I found that out, I felt so happy because I knew we were doing something positive in the life of each kid, and that they felt secure and loved just by being around us.

Star Kids Club has not only changed the lives of the kids in the community, but of our volunteers, scholarship students and visitors. Being with them and receiving their pure love was, is, and will always be so meaningful for us all. By opening this kids club, Make a Miracle has given us the opportunity to be better people and role models for the kids in the community., The kids have learned that anybody, including them, can change the world, and that they all have a purpose on this earth. I am so excited that we will have the opportunity to start another kids club at our new Miracle Wellness Center in San Antonio de Padua. This will be a huge blessing as we encourage the star kiddos to be a light in this world, to change the world for the better, and, ultimately, to make the world a better place.


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