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Live Like Sheriff Bobby

by Isabella Lowery

We all have heard the common saying “a dog is a man’s best friend,” however our Sheriff Bobby is even more than a best friend. He is a part of our Make a Miracle family and leads by example. He continues to inspire us each day showing how to live by love.

Sheriff Bobby was officially adopted/sponsored by Enessa Mikhaliants during the summer of 2021, but has been capturing the hearts of Make A Miracle for years before. In San Juan de Lurigancho, stray animals are a very common sight in day-to-day life. Cats and dogs everywhere all roaming around seeking love and attention. In 2020 when the construction for the Miracle Wellness Center began, our team took notice of a particular furry friend who never left our building location. He quickly became known as Sheriff Bobby. His name could not be more fitting, and he lives up to it in every way. The name Bobby means “bright”, and Sheriff just fit his character as a leader so well. We can all learn how to live life in a brighter way by following Sheriff Bobby’s example.

During my first trip to SJL he quickly became one of my best friends. He reminded me to embrace the present, not looking forward and not looking back but to take each day as the gift it is. Each day with him begins with zeal and pure joy not knowing what the day brings but ready for a new adventure. From the first time you meet him to the hundredth, he will share a smile and greet you with a hug. He expresses gratitude for every scratch, treat or water bowl you fill up, and he doesn’t take anything for granted.

Sheriff Bobby gets his rest just as much as he enjoys his fun. You are never too old to play but we all need a nap sometimes too. He protects the Wellness Center and looks after each part of our team on every house build to make sure everyone is out of harms way. He makes everyone around him feel safe and sound. One of Sheriff Bobby’s best friends is a little cat, which in other part of the world is the least common friendship but he reminds us, our friends don’t have to just like us.

We all have differences, but love is what brings us all together. Love for one another is what brought Make A Miracle to Peru, what brought Sheriff Bobby to our team and what will continue to make a difference in making the world a better place. Each day we are given a choice on how we live by the decisions we make. Choose to apply some of the life lessons by Sheriff Bobby and make today count.

Isabella is one of Make a Miracle's amazing volunteers, currently serving as our Multi-Media Coordinator. She has a heart for helping others and a huge animal lover, and is especially loves dogs.


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