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Make a Miracle's 100th House Build

Andy Stanley always says “Do for one what you wish you could do for everyone.” We had that in mind 6 years ago when we built our very first house but never did we imagine that what we were doing for one family, we would eventually do for 100 families.

Due to extreme need in the community, the process to receive a home is long, thorough and requires a lot of patience. It starts with an application. Usually nominations come from a neighbor, a family member or a community leader. What makes our 100th home completely unique is that it was applied for by an 8 year old little boy. Jason is the youngest of 6 children. His family was living in a small, cramped room that was in disrepair. Because of his initiative his family’s lives were completely changed.

Building 100 homes is a huge milestone, but we won’t stop there. We will keep on climbing, carrying, hammering, painting and mixing cement because for us, the miracles have just begun.

Jason is 8 years old and is a member of our Star Kids Club. Every weekend he can be found helping our team with the builds in his neighborhood.

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