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by Carolyn Canouse

Sunday April 23rd was a sunny, 75 degree day in San Juan de Lurigancho. Approximately 60 Make a Miracle scholarship students and many spectators assembled for the first "Make-Olympics." This competition was planned and hosted by three young men who were recently approved for scholarships themselves. They are in the process of fulfilling their folder requirements in order to start studying. This includes research on potential degrees and schools, volunteering at house builds and Star Kids, vocational testing and planning three leadership events. This process ensures they are ready to study, helps them get to know the rest of the students, and teaches them valuable leadership skills to use in college and beyond.

Sebastian shares "It was a very nice event because in the end I was able to meet a large part of the students whom I did not know, share a moment apart from the constructions where there was a lot of laughter and a lot of fun, it was also a great challenge for a fairly large event. It was a bit stressful to run the event but I learned a lot from that event and it left me with a beautiful memory, and for everything I went through that day I am very happy to belong to MAKE A MIRACLE because it gave me a new and great family where we can all get along very well and enjoy the company of all. I am very grateful to all those who participated, to the people who helped me such as Lady, Shae, Giovanna, Sr. Rosa, Sr. Doris, to all the attendees because without them clearly it could not be done carried out the event, and I hope there will be more events like this, where we can all participate and be part of more beautiful and unforgettable memories and thank you MAKE for having such a beautiful family and me being part of it."

Sebastian, Piero and Elliver had an elaborate day planned including fun games like a sack race and balloon game, as well as volleyball and soccer competitions. It lasted from 10am to 4pm, and a good time was had by all! I was thrilled they planned this on a day that I could attend. They had fun music playing and veteran students announcing the play by play. It warmed my heart to see my "babies" having such an amazing time together. They always start in our program as strangers, and quickly become a family bonded together through common goals, hopes and dreams.

I love seeing new traditions started, and hope the Make-Olympics and many others will be practiced for years to come! Shout out to the organizers and volunteers who worked hard to make this a memorable day!


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