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Making New Friends

by Shae Williams

Making new friends was never easy for me. I’m not very outspoken and I’m pretty shy when I meet new people. The idea of having to make

friends in a foreign country was so scary. I thought I just would never speak to anyone and they wouldn’t speak to me. It probably would’ve been hard if I hadn’t come with such an amazing organization like Make a Miracle.

Living in Peru, I have been brought out of my comfort zone in every way. The community here has a custom where they greet you as soon as you walk into a room. I’ve had to learn how to do that, but being somewhere that is so accepting has been the best experience. Being greeted as you walk into a room may seem overwhelming, but it is the opposite. It has always made me feel so welcomed.

I’ve never felt judged or looked down on here, which is one of the first things that pops into my mind when I go somewhere new in the States. This community is so amazing how they come together when needed and how accepting they are to new people. I was comfortable with everyone involved with Make a Miracle before I even knew all of their names.

The people involved with Make a Miracle are more amazing than they will ever know. When I am around our scholarship students or the Star Kids it feels like family. I can’t even fluently speak Spanish yet, but everyone still makes the effort to talk to me. That to me, means more than anything.

Shae is a 20 year old humanitarian from Darien, Georgia who is enjoying her new life in San Juan de Lurigancho, Peru. She is a huge blessing to everyone she meets.


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