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Math on summer break?

It's summer in Peru! Kids are out of school and sleeping in. But there are a group of kids in San Juan de Lurigancho that have chosen to learn MATH, yes MATH on their break.

Star Kids Juan Pablo is a group of about 70 children ages 5-12 that get together every Saturday morning. Make a Miracle's college student volunteers show up to make a difference in the lives of these children. Run by Lady Caceres, she decided to offer summer classes this January. She is overwhelmed by the response. "I had more classes proposed than days of the week to hold them. From learning math to Portuguese to soccer, the Star Kids have loved every minute of it."

Make a Miracle's scholarship students proposed classes, which they hold once or twice weekly for 5 weeks. The students are on college break and choose to give back in their precious free time. Patricia is teaching Portuguese, Josue teaches singing. Karen does crafts with the kids, and Claudia is teaching cake decorating. Jean Pol is teaching English, and Brus & Omar teach sports. And yes, Sebastian, with the biggest turnout, is teaching Math.



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