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Meet Cusqueño the Pup

On August 28th, 2021 Cesar, father of three children, received the ultimate blessing: the gift of a home. Make a Miracle approved his application because his mother Gertrudis had to make a very difficult move from Cusco to Lima due to the pandemic, and there was no room for her in the tiny home. We noticed the current home also needed replacing so we built the home to be big enough to house the entire family.

Even though Gertrudis was going to be with her son, Cesar, she was sad to leave behind her home in Cusco. Luckily, she had her sweet dog Cusqueño to accompany her and help her during this hard time! He is always watching her, following her, and making sure that she is ok. Watching these two, you can easily see their special bond.

Our scholarship students took on quite a challenge with this build. It was extra tricky because the way was extremely rocky and narrow. Our students brought it all up and got it painted, even having enough time to help the community with a road building project they were working on.

You can see Team Miracle celebrating as the sun sets on a hard day's work. Giving the ultimate gift to a deserving family makes the hard work worth it!

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