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Pure Love

By Sebastian Guevara

It's summer 2020, in Perú these months (January, February and March) are considered as vacations from school and college. Summer workshops were offered to the children from our Star Kids Club. I taught Math, Communications and Sports. In fact, I helped in all the courses: Rap and Hip Hop with Josue as the teacher, Cake Decorating with Claudia, and Crafts with Karen. I loved spending time with children daily and I’m kind of sad because it's over now.

I love the way the children greet me when they see me, how they hug me and say my name as if I were a kind of father or brother to them. That makes cry of happiness, knowing that they have me as a paternal figure. I love them, and if I could dedicate my life to them, I’ll do it without thinking twice.

I hope I can do more things with these kids in the near future. I could maybe create an extended Math course for children or help Lady with her English classes. Kids are the reason for us, everything we do is for them with love. With pure love.

Sebastian is a 20 year old Make a Miracle college scholarship student who spent 5 weeks this summer teaching math to underprivileged children in Peru. He also assisted and filled in many other classes such as soccer, rap & hip hop, crafts and cake decorating.


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