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Shining Students

by Tatiana Condezo Bazan

The students awarded scholarships by Make a Miracle are more than special and as Giovanna Cáceres, our mother, tells us "each one has something unique, magical that would take time to explain it", because each one of my friends from the non-profit deserves to be mentioned in this blog.

I will start by saying that if I forget a student, I apologize. Let's start with Erick my crazy friend with an ability to bring joy at any time and the best chef, Gerson my first friend in Make a Miracle, so kind and willing to listen, Gleni she shows a lot of tenderness and above all the love of God, Joshua Romero decided on what he wants for his future and a musician dedicated to God, Aurora so cheerful with a radiant sparkle, Nayeli Rodríguez great dancer and the best cheerleader, Rosa attentive and willing to help, Josué Yavar my brother so sweet and kind, Eduardo very respectful and supportive, Angelica so funny and hardworking, Hafed, my friend who is always sleepy but is so smiley, Jean Pol the best dancer who always shines where he goes, Nahely Corayma so tender and sweet, Jerson so talkative and supportive, Diego always willing help as much as I can, Magaly, she is a responsible girl, Micaela is a talkative princess, Merely she is always quiet but aware of everyone, Rocío so fashionable and smiley, Brus so crazy and willing to do everything, Celeste hardworking and responsible, Samuel very talkative but always willing to listen to you, Jasson very funny and studious, Katty Yance she always gives you that peace that comes from God, Omar is so kind and the best in rap, Diana she is so serious but always willing to be your friend, Estrella she always has a smile on her face, Fany my sister she is more than affectionate she is so grateful for everything that Make a Miracle does for her, Jeanpier he is pure love and in the you can find comfort, Nancy so responsible with her duties, Yovana she is such a fighter that if you do not know her you will be surprised by the strength she has, Yessenia she is an excellent mom willing to give her best, Ana she always looks for ways to make you smile , Alicia always a warrior, Yerly is very attentive, Vanesa willing to help with the children, Brenda she is very dreamy, Álvaro he can surprise you with his strength, Jairo is a boy worthy of admiring who fights to get ahead and is our Samson of Make a Miracle is so strong, Dayana very friendly and an amazing mom, Andrea she is so simple and with such a sweet heart, Danitza studious and jokes, Karen the best at doing crafts, Aymar is so nice, Jhoselyn an excellent dancer Junior Altamirano always happy and enterprising, Lisbet she always with a radiant smile, Maryorith a young but warrior mom, Sebastian friendly, Naomi a courageous mom and excellent cook, Harold always helps without complaining and willing not to stop, Junior Condori quiet but very smart, Patricia dreamy with an incredible future, Odeth she is sweet, Shaomy she is as beautiful as inside and out, Jans my crazy brother can surprise you with his maturity and his service to God, Axel a fighting father, Isabel a excellent theater-loving actress, Claudia she can conquer you by the stomach with her delicious desserts, Lady lover of her work and Kathy the best dentist.

I am so grateful to God for their lives, each one of them is always willing to continue changing San Juan de Lurigancho, giving their time to generate a change in our community. They also impact the lives of our Star Kids because they have big dreams that thanks to the scholarships they are achieving with a lot of effort. I am sure that they will be the best professionals in Peru, that each one will shine in their own way and that they will never give up because they have a heart more than noble and hardworking. For that and many more things, they deserved to be mentioned in this blog. They are people who have the joy of having studies, of doing life together in our study center where incredible things happen.

Thank you guys for being amazing because you don't give up when they build a new house, they don't know the fatigue when climbing the mountains, for being careful with the Star Kids, for helping each other in their university studies, for being the best painters of houses, for being the best when climbing and and doing it with joy despite the heat because it only remains to say that you are important for Make a Miracle you are a very important part of this beautiful family.

Tatiana is a 24 year old Make a Miracle scholarship student. She is studying obstetrics.


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