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Soccer field improvements

Generally, most of Make a Miracle's outreach is for individuals. We build homes for families in need. We give scholarships to young people who show potential. As wonderful as that is, we love doing project that help entire communities. These may not be so life altering, but they do improve many lives on a daily basis. As an example, we have funded a long railing in Juan Pablo to keep children safe. We regularly build stairs in areas of the hills that is dangerously steep and slippery. We host a weekly kids program for 140+ children. Community centers. Christmas parties. Vet Clinics (working on this!)

Recently we helped fund major improvements to the soccer field that our Star Kids in Juan Pablo use. This was a great project because all the men who play in leagues were chipping in at every match in order to fix the field (asphalt) and add a fence to keep balls from constantly going into the street. When they asked for our support to make this a reality, we were excited to help. They did all the work together, and the results were amazing. Our volunteers and Star Kids will enjoy the improvements, as will all the leagues that play there. We love to see a community come together, and are so proud to be a part of it!


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