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The Biggest Decision of Her Life: a word from Shae Williams

I took a mission trip to Peru with Make a Miracle back in October. The one week I was there I completely fell in love. I got attached immediately. I not only fell in love with the place and everyone there, but I fell in love with who I was. Being there somehow made me feel like a new person. Being there gave me life again. Feelings of exhilaration overflowed my heart. Everyday was a new adventure and another day my love would grow.

After coming home I realized something was missing. I felt like nothing was working. I wanted to be in my happy place again. In a place I could make a difference everyday with people that need it most. I had a new job at my local hospital for which I was very excited about, but It didn’t even feel like that was right. I couldn’t fully love what I was doing there because my heart was still in Peru. After about three weeks of being in the states I decided to purchase a plane ticket and go back to Peru for three weeks to see if I was really having these feeling for this place that was on a whole different continent. The three weeks I was there was magical. Even though I thought it wasn’t possible, I fell more and more in love everyday. When it was reaching the time to leave I realized Peru is my home now.

On February I will be moving to Peru! I cannot wait. Feelings of happiness and excitement have taken over. I know it will come with daily challenges and be a huge transition for me, but I cannot wait. I will miss my family and friends back home, but this is a huge opportunity I can’t pass up. I feel a calling to be in Peru, something I can’t ignore. After talking with Carolyn and more of the MAM team I made the commitment to become a full-time, self-supporting humanitarian for Make a Miracle. I will volunteer and help wherever I am needed. My medical certification and experience will be a great addition to help launch the newly built Miracle Wellness Center. I will become the boots on the ground for anyone in the states that would like to contribute or help with MAM projects but can’t. I will be there. I will be you in Peru.

In order to be a humanitarian for the team I’ve sold my car to help cover my living expenses. To be able to be hands on volunteering with MAM I will need to raise money for my visa, living costs, food/water, transportation, health needs, and any month to month costs. At this point I am short $4,600 to be able to make this move. Any support you could give in addition to this, small or big, would be so appreciated.

I am so thankful for this opportunity and I will give it 100% of my time and energy. Thank you to everyone who decides to help me with this amazing journey. I will post any pictures and updates to show all that y’all are helping me do with this amazing community.

For a tax deductible donation go to and put "For Shae" in the notes. Or you can send donations directly: Cash app: $shaegracew Venmo: Shae-williams-29 last 4 digits of phone number: 8583

THANK YOU and God Bless!


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