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The Biggest Family You can Imagine

by Isabella Lowery

We may all be from different parts of the world but at our core we are all the same. Every person seeks love, and every person wants to play a part in making the world a better place, happier place. Make a Miracle builds friendships across countries and plants seeds of love in many lives.

One of the greatest weeks of my life began one year ago today. I had the privilege of going to San Juan de Lurigancho, Peru with Make a Miracle. My world view changed, and my eyes were opened to a new way of life. Make a Miracle has changed the lives of many in Peru, but also changes the hearts of every person that has visited SJL.

Being a part of Make a Miracle is like being apart of the biggest family you could imagine. It is life changing to experience that kind of welcoming love and to be a part of a community so different from your day-to-day world.

Going on a team trip with Make a Miracle is very different from any other experience I have had in the unique way you truly are brought into a family. The friends I’ve made during my time there are still people I talk to on a regular basis, Team Miracle really is a family. Growing up in the United States we were almost taught to feel bad for other countries who don’t have as much “stuff” as the US. However, what so many of the other parts of the world have is what we often lack - true deep joy, kindness, and humility.

Justin Albano (pictured below), a trip participant from June of 2018, explains it so well. “I think the changes Peru made in my life were that I really appreciating the little but important things in life. Not just having a roof over my head, and food to eat, but having family and friends around me. You realize how little these people in Peru have but see how close they are with their loved ones. It’s almost like their lack of these normal everyday conveniences we have in our everyday lives, make their relationships with their family and friends so much tighter.”

The world is so much bigger than what we see every day but everywhere across the world what keeps each person going is the love of another. We are meant to be loved and to love. Love calls us to action. We can have everything this world has to offer but without love, we have nothing that counts. Make a Miracle gives you the opportunity to be a part of something bigger than yourself. You are a part of a family that is working day by day to make the world a better place.

Shae Williams (pictured below), currently a Humanitarian for Make a Miracle, took her first trip to Peru in October 2021. The trip changed her whole life and opened her eyes to her true passion and calling. Shae moved to Peru in January 2022, having fallen in love with the world outside of her normal. “It’s not about what you have here, but how you choose to use it. If someone needs something the community comes together to figure it out. Even if they have nothing to give, they find a way to help, and that was so refreshing to experience. This community may not know it, but they have helped me incredibly.”

Shae’s whole life forever changed when a weeklong service trip turned into the adventure of a lifetime. Not everyone is called to pickup and move to a new country, but everyone IS called to love people and you will find what your passion is along the way. Service trips are often portrayed as you go and make your difference in an area of the world that needs help, but that is actually backwards. The more I hear about peoples experiences the more I hear about how their lives were changed forever and their passion were brought to life by getting a new perspective on life. “It wouldn’t be the same if I hadn’t come to Peru with Make a Miracle. Make a Miracle welcomed me like family when I was a complete stranger to everyone. They helped me to have a real experience of the culture and the daily struggles that some families have to deal with. If I had come to Peru on my own I wouldn’t have had the incredible experience I have had, and the love would be different. I meet some of the best people through the family of Make a Miracle, and I wouldn’t change it for anything. If I could go back the only thing I’d change is coming to Peru sooner. Being part of the house builds and seeing what changes Make a Miracle does for families is irreplaceable. The feelings of happiness and hope flood through me daily while getting to know these families.”

Thank you Make a Miracle for making a difference not only in Peru but in my own life and in the hearts of so many others. We can all be a part of the change. Share a smile, be kind and step out of your comfort zone. More often than not, the greatest things in life are on the other side of fear. Find a fresh perspective whether that means signing up to volunteer, donating and getting to know what your impact has been or just picking up the trash you walk by on the side of the road.

Every day is filled with the opportunity to make tomorrow better.

Isabella Lowery volunteers her time as our Multi-Media Coordinator. She spreads light every where she goes!

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