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The first real superhero

by an anonymous Star Kids Club volunteer

Some time ago, Lady said: “… so my role here is just to be a good person who encourages these Star Kids to do good… to be better people, right?”

She was wrong. She is one of the chosen ones by the Lord to guide this mission. She is doing it; she is changing children’s lives and you can notice it in their faces, in their behaviors and their attitudes between them.

Lady considers herself a role model to them and SHE TOTALLY IS THAT. Let’s be honest and applaud the hard work that she did and does. But she is not alone in this mission. We are with her and have her back. We help her as much as we can.

“… to empower them to be leaders in the future and to be the role model for other.”

With those words you can realize that Lady is giving her life to change other people’s lives and that is something to admire about her because it’s not an easy job. She keeps her passion alive and she will continue in her role as a teacher and leader until she sees results in her children. But we all know that it won’t be enough for her. She will keep fighting to be a better person, so that the children around her will copy the good things she does.

We all know Lady, we all love her, but we need to see deeper: SHE LIVES FOR THEM. She is the right person and she is encouraging not only children, but also the volunteers and students. She was the first, and she will be the last, too.

Lady gave us the opportunity to be part of this amazing world of encouragement. Hosting summer workshops was one of her ideas. She asked our opinion, we gave her ideas, she liked them, and we did it. We made an amazing work thanks to teamwork. She hears us and understand us, too. That shows her leadership with every person.

Lady is not taking the easy way. She is not afraid to fail and learn from it. In a lifetime, there are going to be good and bad moments that are actually part of our destiny. Lady will learn from everything, she is doing it already, getting experience and helping others with her knowledge.


Mamá Carolyne, Papá Jack, Sister Rachel, Mamá Giovanna and the Lord guided her on the right way. Now she can walk alone knowing that she has them as guardian angels.

“We are going to change San Juan de Lurigancho and we need your help” she said. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s help her in this beautiful mission so that she doesn’t feel alone. She is us, and we are all Make a Miracle.

Thanks, Mrs. Lady.


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