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Two Homes in a Single Day

On September 5, 2021 Make a Miracle's college scholarship students and graduates gave up an entire Saturday to build not one but two homes for families in need.

The first was for a sweet, hard working family. The father works whenever he can get it, typically out of town jobs. The mom, Nories, has a baby girl and two teenage sons, but still finds time to do sewing jobs out of her house. The father and sons help with Make a Miracle projects and builds every chance they get. In fact, one of the boys actually applied for the new home because they so badly needed it themselves.

Team Miracle, with the help of the teens, carried the panels way up the mountain, put it together, and several stayed to finish it off with a bright and cheery paint.

The rest of the group headed to San Antonio de Padua to build the second home for a single mom, Maria Luz. In an emotional house blessing, the home was dedicated to Patricia Byrne Canouse, or Grandma Patty as she was known. The 13 year old daughter spoke words of thanks, and caused tears all around.

A big thank you to the two donors who made these miracles possible.

If you would like more information on funding a home on your own or with a few friends, go to


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