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women made of miracles

by Sebastian Guevara

March 8th, In Perú, and in every part of the civilized world, takes place one of the most important days of the year: International Women Day.

But, in this small article, we will talk about our women. They, who protect us, who give us advice, who hear us when we need to be heard. Our Miracle Women are an important pillar of our empire; the “Make a Miracle” empire. We have Lady, we have Mamá Carolyn, Mamá Giovanna, Mamá Charo, Mamá Rosa, Mamá Doris, Tatiana and Rachel guiding us, understanding us in every single way possible.

We (men) love you. We love you as much as we love being part of this beautiful Miracle family. And you need to know that everyday of the year you are special. What could we do without your support or your perspective about different situations or your unconditional love to us?!

I couldn’t imagine how that would be. Women, you need to understand that you are as important as men are for the world; you can even reach and give more to it. And now you know it. You got a strong voice in society and it is so powerful. We respect you, and that feeling will last forever and we know it more than anyone on this earth.

We are glad we have you, we are happy knowing the fact the you give life, but not only that: you also love since the very first moment you see any type of life. And we need to learn that from you, we have a lot to learn from you.

Thanks for existing and for being that special human being the world needed since Adam met Eve. She was the first, and you are the legacy, and you are doing good. If Eve could see (and I know she is watching you) all the things you’ve done all these years, she would feel grateful and says: “They did it.”

These are just words from a simple guy having a perspective about you. There are more perspectives in this world. I share mine with all of you. I hope you like it and never forget: every single woman in this world has a purpose in life, if you know one that is lost, help her find the way. You would help more than you can imagine.

Sebastian Guevara is a 20 year old Peruvian who recently was awarded a scholarship from Make a Miracle. He and a couple other young men in our program planned a special party in celebration of International Women's Day.


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