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  • SJL has the lowest income among the 43 districts of Lima

  • The average income per family is $192/month 

  • Only 24% of households in SJL contain someone with higher education, compared with 80% in Miraflores, only 14 miles away

  • In the past 10 years there has been $6.5 Billion in grants awarded for scholarships in the US, compared with $0 in Peru

  • The Ford Foundation has documented a vast scale of change; “scholarship recipients have a profound ‘multiplier’ effect on other individuals, institutions and issues.”


When you decide to provide a scholarship:

  • We match each individual to his/her sponsor based on compatibility and personality

  • We make introductions and set up communication

  • Sponsor and student interact through Facebook, WhatsApp or Email.

  • You will be a part of his/her story and success for life!

You are drastically changing the lives of deserving young people who have no other means and helping them earn a professional degree for only $99/month!  

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