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What nobody Can Take Away From you

March 6, 2022 8 min to read

"There is one thing nobody can take away from you...your education." Over the years I have used these words to encourage many of our college scholarship students as they have faced major roadblocks in their journey towards a college degree. Thankfully they always find a way to keep moving forward so they can achieve their goals. Their perseverance and determination should be an inspiration to us all.

On March 5th I had the pleasure of celebrating nine new graduates. While two were out of town, seven of our students came together at our study center to enjoy their moment in the sun, to relish in their success, and to celebrate having a degree that they will carry with them the rest of their lives. They each had a chance to speak about their experiences, give advice and also give thanks to those who supported them along the way. There were tears and laughter, and of course lots of delicious Peruvian food. Thank you to our generous donors and sponsors who funded their scholarships and believed in them every step of the way.

A big thank you to our undergrad students, Pedro, Sonia, Piero & Fernando, for hosting this wonderful event!

Carolyn is the Co-founder and President of Make a Miracle. She believes education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty.

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